Iran bans TV actors with plastic surgery

Even though cosmetic surgery is very common in Iran, there has been news that a state run TV has banned actors with cosmetic surgery. According to the latest buzz, the TV channel in Tehran has taken all steps to banish all the actors who have gone through aesthetic surgery. This is believed to be a bold step taken by any TV channel so far. It is being said that this ban has been imposed to prevent these surgeries to become contagious for actors and actresses. The head of TV and Film series department has said that those actors will be removed their list whatsoever.

This move has drawn a lot of criticism from social media all across the globe. There were numerous social media users who have voiced their opinions and have used the internet to protest against the ban. Just when Iran: TV bans actors with plastic surgery, there have been numerous responses in social media. One of such responses even condemned parliament for being concerned with plastic surgery than politics and added nose jobs would become a concern for donkeys and cows in their parliament. Similarly, there were other responses which believed this ban will reduce the airtime for popular shows for the popular actors.

Majority of the Iranian public admire celebrities and so this ban will be difficult to impose. It is believed these people will be in for some rude awakening soon. Since Iran’s dress code has backfired badly in the previous time, it is only a matter of time to see how well this ban works. As compared to other nations, Iranian women or actors spend money on surgeries on the part which they are allowed to show off. One woman even commented to a big Daily stating that it is right to look beautiful, but since their religion doesn’t allow them to do it, they have to seek the help of plastic surgery.

Even though this battle between surgery and no surgery is still on, it is expected that putting the ban will be difficult since plastic surgery is common in Iran. According to the experts, if the Iranian government really wants to put a ban on surgery, they need to reexamine the methods which lead to it in the first place. Women are not only under pressure to look good all the time; they are compelled to do so for their family and husbands. So, Iranian Government need to consider a lot of factor before they finally decide to put a ban on stars with plastic surgery. This is never going to be easy as experts believe.